Angra dos Reis
14 People

One of the first houses projected by Claudio Bernardes, this villa was just restored and can be called a small piece of paradise in our portfolio.

On a 55.000m lot of untouched Atlantic Forest, the house is located on a charming and secluded beach, where an enjoyable bungalow and many comfortable beach chairs provides to the guests the perfect shadow to appreciate the view and get surprised by the turtles swimming in the ocean.

The villas’ decor matches the arquitecture, with well-designed rooms, six comfortable suites with amazing bedding and bathing suit, perfumed daily with care.

Beyond the secluded beach and almost never occupied by other people other than the guests, this house also has a great swimming pool, a snooker, a grill, a dock to boats, kayaks. It’s in a privileged location to see the sun set. The staff was very well trained by hotel owners and is kind and attemptive, always ready to prepare caipirinhas, grilled fish or do whatever the guests may need. The cook is very talented and conquers everyone with her homemade and delicate gastronomy.

Matueté insider tips:

  • Savor a grilled fish captured at the home’s dock;
  • See the turtles swimming on the transparent ocean;
  • Appreciate the sun setting above stones, where 2 mattresses are dedicated to this moment;
  • Have a dinner beneath the starry sky, while having a fish prepared on the banana’s leaf;
  • Outdoors massage;
  • Pick some pitangas.

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Period Daily Rate Minimum Stay
February to November - except national holidays R$ 10.350,00 3 nights
January, December and national holidays R$ 11.350,00 4 nights
Carnival R$ 11.350,00 5 nights
New Year R$ 15.850,00 10 nights

House details

• Secluded beach
• Swimming pool
• Gym
• Kayak and stand up paddle
• TV room
• Balcony with ocean view

Sleeps: 14 people
Rooms: 6 bedrooms

• Bedroom 1: Master - 1 king size bed, balcony, a/c and ocean view
• Bedroom 2: 1 queen size bed, balcony, a/c and ocean view;
• Bedroom 3: 2 bunk beds, balcony, a/c and ocean view;
• Bedroom 4: 2 single beds, balcony, a/c and ocean view;
• Bedroom 5: 2 single beds, balcony, a/c and ocean view;
• Bedroom 6: 1 single beds, balcony, a/c and ocean view;

• Closest Airport: Rio de Janeiro
• Helipad: Yes
• Landing strip: Yes, located at Angra dos Reis airport
• Car access: Yes

Villa 4 of Angra dos Reis is near the old Pestana Angra Hotel.


  • Car access
  • Beach support facilities
  • AC (rooms)
  • AC (social areas)
  • Kayak
  • Barbecue
  • Shower accessories and bedclothes
  • Pizza Oven
  • Generator
  • Helicopter Access
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kids friendly
  • Beach Lounge
  • Right on the beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Semiprivate beach
  • Fitness room
  • Stand up paddle
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ocean View

Staff 1 cook, 3 housekeepers, 1 caretaker e 1 security guard

April 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

The availability of the vacant days on the calender will be reconfirmed after the client’s request and is subject to changes. You’ll receive the reconfirmation by e-mail in 2 business days.

About Brasil - Angra dos Reis

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About Angra dos Reis
Angra dos Reis is the gateway to Ilha Grande, where you’ll find some of the best beaches in all Brazil. Angra dos Reis is a perfect place for boat trips, snorkeling and exploring the glorious, emerald-green waters, lush forests and countless islands. Angra dos Reis is one of the most popular destinations on Brazil’s southern coast with numerous excellent-quality villa rentals to choose from. Among the Angra dos Reis villa rental options are the private communities of Portobello, Portogalo and Mombaça, for those who count on the infrastructure from the condominium. For travelers looking for more privacy, there are also villa rentals on the Islands of Gipóia, Cavaco and Ilha Grande, which are accessible only by boat.

Payment and cancellation policies

50% for guaranteeing the stay
50% 30 days before the check-in

If cancellation is notified up to 90 days of the start date prior to check in – 50% of refund of the first installment.
If cancellation is notified between 90 to 30 days of the start date prior to check in – 20% of refund of the first installment.
If the cancellation is notified within 30 days of the start date prior to check in – No refund.
50% for guaranteeing the stay
50% 60 days before the check-in

100% non refundable